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The performance of fixed income mutual funds improved

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Sindonews.com -the performance of the average fixed-income mutual funds based on yield (return) to the end of April 2013 shows improvement compared to the previous months of this year.

Based on data FROM PT Infovesta Utama, fixed-income mutual funds until the end of April this year recorded a performance of 1.49 percent, an increase compared to the end of March 2013 only 0.55 percent.

However, if compared to the same period of the previous year, this type of mutual fund performance is still below it. At the end of April 2011, the performance of fixed income mutual funds recorded a 2.49 percent.

"Only fixed-income mutual fund that its annual performance below last year due to the performance of an obligation, either the Government or the corporations which tend to slow down compared to last year. However, the performance of fixed income mutual funds in April (2013) began to improve, "said analyst PT Infovesta Utama, Vilia Wati to SindonewsSunday (5/5/2013).

As for the performance of government bonds until the end of April this year was recorded by 0.50 percent, while corporate bonds of 2,33 per cent. In the same period last year, the performance of government bonds amounted to 2.94 percent and 3.39 percent reaching oligasi Corporation.

Compared to other types of mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds are recording the lowest performance. With the performance of the composite stock price Index (IHSG) by 16,62%, performance of stock mutual funds managed mecapai 17,34 percent and mutual funds mix worth 11.01 percent.

However, sentiment was positive from the domestic stock market and affect the performance of bonds, including new foreign funds flow into ursa shares since the beginning of April to the end of the reach Rp18,68 trilun and bond market (SUN) amounting to Rp298,72 trillion.

"In addition, the expectations of financial reporting issuers that release positive and announcement of the dividend distribution," said Vilia.

While negative sentiment stems from uncertainty about the rising prices of fuel (BBM). As for the sentiment from overseas, including Asia's economic data releases, releases financial report of listed company in the United States and from Europe in the form of debt settlement and the formation of a new Government in Italy.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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