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DPRD-Disperindag Jember agreed defends Giant

Finance Info-plan of the construction of the Giant mall in East Java provincial government-owned assets located in the area of Talangsari, Jember threatened to cancel. Because, in the meeting that followed the Commission D DPRD, Disperindag, The Copyright of the works, Dishub, Polres, as well as caregiver boarding schools Shiddiqi Talangsari Ash agreed to reject the mall.

Bebarengan with it, dozens of residents and communities surrounding Talangsari District Kaliwates demo denial also Giant.

Caregiver Islamic boarding schools Al-Ashri, the daughter of Shiddiqi or Kyai Job Syaiful Rizal or familiar accosted Gus Syef says, in the Talangsari many institutions particularly boarding schools as well as a number of educational institutions ranging from kindergarten level to madrasah aliyah.

"We are concerned with the establishment of the Giant would undermine the values of students and scholars as well as ahlak will bring up the cultural life of luxury. Whereas in the boarding schools have long cultivated a culture of life, regardless of social status of each student, "light of Gus Syef, Thursday (2/5/2013).

He added, "until whenever Ashri and all educational institutions in the area firmly rejected plan for the establishment of the Giant.

"We will not compromise on the establishment plans of the Giant, because some time ago indeed there have been a number of officials who came and tried to communicate the issue," he said.

While the Chairman of the Commission D Job Aravind said, his father-in-law, who is also Chairman of the Talangsari area NEIGHBORHOODS surprised with his signature and the rise of the envelope containing the money by a specified amount.

"It turns out his signature was misused to support the existence of the Giant, it is clearly not acceptable maysarakat. We recommend that the Commission reject D already Giant, stop any development in that location and we will check the status of the East Java provincial government-owned assets, "demolished Job Aravind.

He also said, after performing the inspection to the ex Factory Ice Talangsari which is the LOCAL GOVERNMENT of East Java labeled Pemorov Wira Jatim does exist certain buildings and activities.

In addition, Giant scale model also there have been several people who watched him. While the head of Jember Disperindag Achmad Sudiyono said, it in fact does not yet know very well the problem or no permission construction Giant.

"Once it got any news there is a MOU between the Giant with the provincial Government of East Java, it goes I don't know. Because if there is, which obviously it is the 6th entry permit, and there is no any letter that comes into us, "said Achmad Sudiyono.

It claims to be allergic not to the inclusion of various investments in Jember. "The Governor has suggested, please investors coming in, and the question of licensing is indeed easy and stay there just follow the rules and do not be infringed," timpalnya.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: DPRD-Disperindag Jember agreed defends Giant
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