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Indonesia should be the parameter for kakao pricing

Finance Info -After the cocoa futures contract traded on exchanges of Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX), as much as 80 percent of the production of cocoa beans has now absorbed the cocoa processing industry in the country.

This as the industrial revolution for Indonesia, where Cocoa is the only commodity that many are exported in the form of semi-finished or has been processed into powder chocolate and butter.

Indonesia's cocoa prices up from 22,500 Rp20 thousand to Rp since traded on JFX. In fact, had a record rise to Rp24 thousands in September 2012. This increase has raised farmers ' income over the last year and make the farmers get the certainty of the selling price at harvest.

Unfortunately, many traders in Indonesia's cocoa using price New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange (price taker). In fact, America and Europe is not a country of cocoa producers, but the world's largest cocoa pengonsumsi (consumer market).

Director of the JFX, M Bihar Milky Wibowo said, it is time the farmers Indonesia using a reference price of cocoa in the JFX as price maker.

"Although there is no percentage is, many perpetrators of cocoa that use foreign exchange reference rates. In fact, the consumer market has always resulted in low prices. Whereas transactions in Exchange Indonesia is more profitable, "he said on the sidelines of a Gathering of Makassar Cocoa held JFX di Hotel Grand Clarion Makassar, Wednesday (1/5/2013).

According to him, the foreign exchange transaction risk. In addition to the price of a currency, the US dollar, the currency fluctuation is also quite risky.

"But the current interest in trading on exchanges Indonesia have started to grow along a high volume of transactions. Just does not seleruhnya. For example, Malaysia's CPO only 90 percent of the perpetrators of Indonesia. If this be withdrawn, it is incredible, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of General Zulhefi Sikumbang, Askindo said, the Government's role in encouraging domestic industry is urgently needed. In fact it would cast a letter to the Ministry to require idustri of the Interior shows the active transactions on a monthly basis.

"JFX there is enormous. Moreover, 80 percent of the industry is foreign ownership. Could be just the next 10 years 100 per cent foreign ownership if the Government did not take on the role. We want to determine the price, "explained Zulhefi.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: Indonesia should be the parameter for kakao pricing
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