Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

No reason this version of OSO berhentikan SBS

Muhammad Faizin Adi Solanki

Ini alasan Kadin versi OSO berhentikan SBS

Sindonews.com -Board of Chambers of Commerce and industry (Kadin) version of the Extraordinary National Congress (Munaslub) mentions that Munaslub at the end of April and then held for not running the ruling Congress 2010 and Rapimnas.

They claim that the Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Bambang Suryo Sulistio (SBS) have been given the opportunity for clarification.

"If the SBS and would not want Munaslub, it should be since the warning I and II by the Commerce and business organizations-cutting at the end of 2012 early 2013, and should be addressed and followed up with a formal response. It turns out that opportunities are not being used, "said Council Chairman Munaslub Pontianak, Nur Achmad Effendy in a news conference in Jakarta, Thursday (5/5/2013).

Judge Achmad, SBS is not communicative against administrators and Commerce areas. "The main Mistake until Munaslub finally held is because Mr. SBS as the Chairman did not make persuasive communication with Provincial Kadin and outstanding member of Kadin Indonesia. He even threatened and fired the Board of Commerce of the province, something that never happened in the history of 45 years and commerce in Indonesia, "said Achmad.

While the results Munaslub in Pontianak on 25-27 April 2013, of whom dismiss SBS as Chairman of Kadin Indonesia.

The Government through the Minister of industry MS Hidayat had previously stated, rejected and confirms the Kadin Munaslub not political institutions. In addition, the majority of instruments of Commerce supports the Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Bambang Suryo Sulistio.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

"Assuming the ICP turned, the increase was not significant subsidies"

Nanang Vitello

Sindonews.com -Executive Director Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), Fabby Tumiwa argues, if the crude oil price assumption of Indonesia (ICP) changed, would make an impact on the magnitude of subsidies on electricity. However, if the only ICP are changing and are not followed by other factors, then the change is not too significant subsidies.

Because, besides the assumption, there are several other factors that also affect electricity subsidies, among others the target production of electric power and the growth of sales of electricity.

"However, if production and sales growth targets for electricity was also changed, then the impact is significant," he said in Jakarta on Sunday (5/5/2013).

On the other hand, although electricity tariffs (TTL) rose an average of 4.3 percent per three months, still unable to cover the increased needs of electricity subsidies. The reason, according to Faby, increased electricity rates are still lower than the cost of fuel for electricity.

Previously Deputy Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES, Susilo Siswoutomo said that ICP changes done since seeing the realization it's been above assumptions and crude oil price trends and improving world economic growth.

The head of the unit of Work Implementing Specific business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (oil & gas SKK), Rudi Rubiandini estimates, assuming this year about ICP USD105 per barrel.

Assuming the change is accompanied by a change of oil lifting ICP 830 thousand and-850 thousand barrels per day (BPD), the oil and gas sector of the country's revenue this year is estimated at USD27,9-USD29,5 billion from the initial target of USD31 billion.

According to the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES, on average during the quarter I/ICP 2013 reached USD111,11 per barrel, ICP in March amounted to USD107,42 per barrel, February amounted to USD114,86 per barrel and January amounted to USD111,07 per barrel.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Kadin imbau all sides carefully

AppId is over the quota
The revised outlook Indonesia S&P Ameidyo David

Kadin imbau semua pihak hati-hati

Sindonews.com -Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce and industry (Kadin) Indonesia, Bambang Suryo Sulisto appealed all parties to be cautious and keep keep keep conducive business climate. This is related to the revised outlook Indonesia be stable from the previous positive by S&P.

"It (revision S&P) kan revision down instead of up. Although still quite good. It is a signal that we should be careful, don't be too pede (confident), and feel everything is OK. So we have to be sure to keep the business climate remains conducive, "he said via a short message to Sindonews, Jakarta, Saturday (4/5/2013).

He asked that the Government solve economic problems and manage so as not to impact the weak flow of investment due to the revision.

"The labor Problem, fuel oil (FUEL), and the impression that our policy is likely to be well managed protectionist," he said.

"The point we must keep do not impact on the current weakening of investment in. .. The trade balance also if can remain positive, "said Suryo.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

This week, a natural correction of the JCI 1.07%

Dana Aditiasari

Sepekan ini, IHSG alami koreksi 1,07%

Sindonews.com -the combined share price Index (IHSG) throughout this week experiencing a correction of 53,03 points or 1.07 percent after a successful menemus the highest level.

"During the week-long JCI has decreased 53,03 points or 1.07 percent, continuing a decline more deeply than ever 19.95 points, or 0.40 percent," said the head of the Trust Securities Research, Reza Priyambada Sunday (5/5/2013).

The weakening of the Decree followed terkoreksinya other major indexes, where index decrease with down lead MBX 1.08 percent, followed by the index of LQ45 and DBX respectively weakened 0.99 percent and 0.90 percent. While positive only Index JII, which went up by 0.12 percent.

On the other hand, sectoral index move weakened. Only three sectors is strengthened, namely consumer up 4.80 percent, 1.04 percent and increasing manufacturing industrial base increased by 0.40 percent.

Reza describes JCI at this week's sharp decline after the break new record on May 1, 2013 at level 5.060 .92. However, the positive sentiment that drove the JCI is in the green zone, the release of the deflation of 0.1 percent and labor, so the demo Martinet provides a sense of comfort for market participants to keep the transaction even though the magnitude of the price increase of fuel oil (FUEL) is not so clear.

On the other hand, is still on the plus though some Asian stock exchange its stock exchange holiday commemorating labour day and the increase of global stock exchanges to make steady the JCI is in the green zone to the end of the session. However, the position of the JCI in the green zone was stung down the prospect of Indonesia's debt rating by S&P from positive to stable because galaunya Government policies related to FUEL.

"Government policy is increasingly made the Galaunya condition of the JCI the dismal. But this time, the U.S. stock exchange (United States) and Europe and even Asia is hijau-hijaunya, "he said.

As a result, foreign investors started to sell its shares. However, it still recorded a net purchase action (nett buy) with the crossing shares worth Rp7,87 trillion IMAS at an average price of Rp 5.312. While foreign net selling records (nett sell) amounted to Rp398,26 billion or lower from the previous week, amounting to Rp475,97 billion.


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Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Changes in assumptions the Jack electric subsidies ICP

Nanang Vitello

Perubahan asumsi ICP dongkrak subsidi listrik

Sindonews.com -plan changes in the crude oil price assumption of Indonesia (ICP) of USD100 to USD110 per barrel in the draft Budget of income and Expenditure of state changes (APBNP) 2013 will Jack up a quantity of electricity subsidies.

FUEL and Gas Division Head of PT PLN (Persero), Suryadi Mardjoeki, said that the changes will have an impact on increasing ICP costs the company's primary energy needs because the price of fuel (BBM) gas and crude oil prices following Indonesia.

"Gas prices are going up because the formula price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is tied to the price of oil," he said in Jakarta on Sunday (5/5/2013).

He explained, the total cost for electricity supply this year targeted reach Rp212,07 trillion, of which 70 per cent is allocated for fuel costs for generating electricity. "This means that the fuel costs reached about Rp148,5 trillion," he said.

Further Suryadi said, FUEL consumption this year is targeted to reach 6.49 million tonnes (kl) and gas amounted to 392 British thermal unit tera (TBTU) or equivalent of 392 million MMBTU.

Assuming fuel prices of $ 8,500 per liter, then the cost of FUEL reached Rp55,25 trillion. As for the average price of gas reached USD8,9 per MMBTU, so the cost of gas reached USD3,5 billion or Rp33,1 trillion, with an exchange rate of Rp 9,500.

The phenomenon already he would convey to the Directorate General of Budget, Ministry of finance. "As for the amount of FUEL is not great even though they're expensive. But when gas prices go up constantly and the numbers are many, of course, will increase the subsidies, "he said.

Based on the data of the Ministry of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR), FUEL consumption in the primary energy mix PLN 9.7 percent of targeted, 22.12 percent gas, coal, hydro 56,66 percent 6.19 percent, 4.8 percent and geothermal bio diesel and new renewable energy 0,52 per cent.

Related to this, the Director General of oil and Gas and MINERAL RESOURCES said that currently the Government still sees the development of the situation in the crude oil price in the world such as Europe, America, and Asia. In addition, it will also be discussed in advance with the financial Kementeriaan.

"To be sure, while asking LAWMAKERS to RAPBN-P is over all," he said.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Dahlan minta AP II perluas Bandara Silangit

Heru Abraham

Dahlan minta AP II perluas Bandara Silangit

Sindonews.com -Minister of State-owned enterprises (SOEs), Dahlan asked PT Angkasa Pura II (AP II) to develop the North Tapanuli, Silangit airport, North Sumatra (Sumatra) in order to perekenomian the area could be developed.

"In January we have been working closely with the Ministry of transportation, so that Silangit Airport is managed directly by the AP II," said Dahlan in his remarks while attending the inauguration of the Terrain hub Saturday (4/5/2013) last night.

To that end, he asked the airport operator to immediately develop Airport Silangit. He's assess Sumatra is rich in resources, such as oil, gas and coal. For it to be supported with adequate transportation.

"Sumatra also adjoined with the developed countries, supported living infrastructure such as ports, roads, power plants and airports," he added.

He even asked the three conditions that must be met AP II, it can manage the Airport operator Silangit. First, a layer of the runway (runway) must be added as high as 30 centimeters (cm), a second runway extension 100 cm and last fencing so that wild animals do not interfere when the plane takes off.

"I've asked Pertamina to deliver the fuel in there, they can afford a month from a six-month plan, Garuda Indonesia also I hope it is ready to fly to Silangit," said Dahlan.


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Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Prices of fruit in the market has not been affected FUEL issues Jatinegara

Muhammad Faizin Adi Solanki

Harga buah di pasar Jatinegara belum terpengaruh isu BBM

Sindonews.com -fruit Prices in Jatinegara market hasn't affected plans price hike of fuel oil (FUEL). Prices of fruit in the market that it has decreased compared to the previous week.

One of the fruit trade in Jatinegara, Jumali (45) says that the price of fruits in General on this weekend declined compared to the previous week. "The price of the fruit down. The issue of fuel price hikes has not effect on the price of fruits at the moment, "he said when encountered Sindonews, Sunday (5/5/2013).

According to him, the fall in the price of fruits due to the number of requests and the availability of the fruit opposite. Currently, the abundance of the supply is not offset by the number of requests, where demand actually decline.

While the supply of the fruit that comes from Holding Market Kramat Jati, East Jakarta has always been smooth. "The supply of the fruit so far," he imbuh.

Jumali lays out, the price of mangoes this week dropped to parlay the thousand per kilogram (kg) from the previous weekend of Rp20 thousand to 30 thousand per kg. The price of oranges China about Parlay thousand per kg. But the supply of oranges China at the weekend were empty.

While leatherback Rp30 thousand price per kg. While the price of grapes also do not experience many changes compared to the previous week, which dibanderol Rp75 thousand at the price per kg.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics