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Hatta's SBY will announce rise in fuel price

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Hatta bantah SBY akan umumkan kenaikan harga BBM

Finance Info -Coordinating Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa denied news that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) would announce the price increase of fuel oil (FUEL) in the opening of the national development planning Congress (Musrenbangnas) in the Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta, Friday (30/4).

"In accordance with the rules of the fuel price hike announced by the Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES should have been discussed in a cabinet meeting," said Hatta as quoted from the website of the Secretariat of the Cabinet on Tuesday (30/4/2013).

Hatta asserted, in the Musrenbangnas, the President is not going to talk technical details like that. But, YUDHOYONO will provide referrals to all Governors, Regents participants Musrenbang about Indonesia's economy as a whole, the progress that we have achieved, the challenges we face, and what to do to nourish the fiscal, including what we have to do to keep the momentum of economic growth.

About new prices of FUEL, Hatta Rajasa pointed out, actually that important philosophical vindication that subsidized FUEL to be supplied to the public who cannot afford.

"This Legislation. Therefore, gradually the subsidies enjoyed by the public who can afford must be reduced because it is too large to Rp300 billion, and approaching this fiscal burden, "he said.

The Government, further Hatta, have done the exercises very in price, from two to one price. It was all explored, because the Government really must be careful because this gives implications of inflation, the purchasing power, then a good studies are two prices.

"However, it seems rather difficult to implement in the field given the number of GAS STATIONS, GAS STATIONS, and configuration possibilities on the field would be difficult to control. It is also worth noting. Therefore, the inputs from the community that more want single price (a price). Well this is now being studied very deeply, "said Hatta.

Up to now, Hatta is still not willing to reveal when the price of fuel will be raised. "Certainly the timing is the best, I can't say when. An important preparedness, if all is ready, it can be applied, "stated Hatta.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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