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Kemensos will raise a Fund of social assistance

Ameidyo David

Kemensos akan naikkan dana bantuan sosial

Finance Info -Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Salim Segaf Al Jufri said, assistance programs, such as raskin, BSM, PKH BLSM will be realized, and with a larger scale. However, he did not know the specific BLSM in detail certainty.

"Raskin to be coupled, while the BSM is also given and it exists in Kemendikbud, Kemenag, and Kemensos. If it should be everything. PKH So if numbers are now 2.4 million households later we multiply two so 4.8 million households will be able to everything, "he said at the Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta, Friday (30/4/2013).

He explains, the program of this nature, such as the BLT PKH but conditional and figure Rp1,4 million which will be increased by Rp1,5 million to Rp1,8 million poor households. "It's been six years," he said.

"So, I would like to explain that the BLT PKH conditional at least a year to six years, it's just not sound community. Actually, the BLT is also conditional Yes, so the mother of our bekali with the diary entry that he has to make sure her son's school, posyandu, just under 80 percent of his notes will be reduced assistance. We control every 200 FAMILIES there is one companion, "bright Mensos.

Meanwhile, related to BLSM, Salim has not been able to call the number as it will be adapted to the saving of FUEL subsidies and should be APBNP in the House first.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

SBY: FUEL ride if the compensation fund is ready

Rico Afrido

SBY: BBM naik jika dana kompensasi sudah siap

Finance Info -the President of INDONESIA Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) States, fuel oil (FUEL) subsidies will be raised if the compensation fund for community groups cannot afford is ready.

The President in his speech delivered at the National development planning Congress (Musrembangnas) in the 2013 meeting hall Bidakara, Jakarta, Friday (30/4/2013).

"The question of the impact of the fuel price hike was not able to. If they don't help then it will have difficulties in everyday life. If that's the case let's make sure the brothers could not afford us protection, "said YUDHOYONO.

The President said, there are some forms of assistance to be provided. "First we can provide help directly, we can give raskin, can we give the poor in cash scholarships. We can also provide a form of family expectations for very poor families. I expect also there is help-Help Centre or other areas, there is a movement of social solidarity and the market is cheap, "he explained.

Since yesterday evening, the circulating news and the news that the President will announce a fuel price hike. "Here I must say when fuel prices increased? The answer when the compensation fund is ready. So goes there should be no gap time, then depending on the compensation fund is ready. How long that will soon help us convey to PARLIAMENT in the form of RAPBN-P 2013, "he said.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

SBY: Leave the economy on market, dangerous decisions

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SBY: Serahkan ekonomi pada pasar, keputusan berbahaya

Finance Info -President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) said, at a time when the world is facing the economic crisis, Indonesia should strive to keep its economy to keep growing. According to him, handed the economy on market mechanisms is a dangerous decision.

"You know the economic recession still occurs, what is the challenge for Indonesia, as the world is facing the economic crisis we must strive so that our economy continues to grow. And Indonesia, we should all do don't just leave it to the market mechanism, very berbahya, "he said in the event Musrenbangnas 2013, at the Hotel Bidakara, Tuesday (29/4/2013).

According to YUDHOYONO, the countries that used to be very capitalistic and hand over all on the market system, now also do repairs.

"I want to remind again why our economic growth is important, thank God our growth above 6 percent. The economy must grow in order to keep down unemployment, poverty decreases, that two things that become our goals,

In addition, further, the Government had at FIRST agenda of improving people's welfare with the prioritization of poverty reduction.

"We also allocate budgets and greater resources. However, given the importance of improving people's welfare, then our program including program areas need to be improved, the poor need to be protected. Especially if the rise in inflation for example the impact of rising fuel prices, "he explained.


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Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

The Government asked fast to announce fuel price hike

AppId is over the quota Kuntadi

Pemerintah diminta cepat umumkan kenaikan BBM

Finance Info -a number of circles welcomed the Central Government's plan to raise the price of Fuel (BBM) with the model of one price. In addition, this model not ribet will make it easier for GAS STATIONS in channeling.

Chairman of the DPC Set Self-employed oil and Gas (oil & gas Hiswana) in Yogyakarta, Siswanto hope the price increase was immediately announced. "If it's one price it better and we carry it out more easily," he said on Tuesday (30/4/2013).

According to him, during the time of oil and gas have not gotten Hiswana socialization increment model plans one price. The coordination mechanism was still discussing the distribution of two prices. Therefore, it hoped to soon have strict attitude of the Government. "Immediately it was announced, do not continue as current discourse," he said.

Organizational Development Bureau Organda DIY, Kuncoro said, there is no problem for this with the rise in transport. Rising fuel prices will be followed by a rate increase, the magnitude of the match from rising. "We don't have a problem staying abreast of it," he said.


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Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Labor Day, The Airport Blocked, Passengers Can Have

Hari Buruh, Bandara Diblokir, Penumpang Bisa Telat

Employees of Aerowisata Catering Services, Aerofood services provider catering to airline kites do work ahead of the strike action May Day at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten, (7/4). 

Finance Info -AirAsia Airline asked passengers who have flights schedule tomorrow, 1 may 2013, arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport earlier. Public relations manager of Air Asia, Audrey Progastama, said the request was made to anticipate the presence of blocking access roads that do mass labor in commemorating the World labor day tomorrow, which is commonly called May day.

"This Afternoon we already inform passengers to come earlier," said Audrey when you call the other, Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

According to Audrey, requests to passengers to arrive earlier also addressed to passengers who have flight schedules during the day. "All passengers, have scheduled morning flights. Passengers with flight of the day and the afternoon our imbau also, "he said.

However, Audrey pleads will not suffer losses due to the labor action by doing the blocking. According to him, flight schedules remain running as usual. "There is no Harm, because the more the passenger only. Different times of access roads closed due to flooding, have to provide compensation to passengers who are late to the airport, "he said.

Meanwhile, airlines, Sriwijaya Air admitted to not menghawatirkan the existence of labor action in commemorating May day tomorrow. "Flight schedules as normal, there is no significant anticipation," said spokesman Sriwijaya, Agus Sujono.

He assured labor rallies will not interfere with the schedule penerbagan in Soekarno-Hatta Airport. "We believe the current only, but for the uninitiated there are losses or not because it has not happened. If there is any compensation for passengers who are too late, "he said.

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics