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Changes in assumptions the Jack electric subsidies ICP

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Perubahan asumsi ICP dongkrak subsidi listrik

Sindonews.com -plan changes in the crude oil price assumption of Indonesia (ICP) of USD100 to USD110 per barrel in the draft Budget of income and Expenditure of state changes (APBNP) 2013 will Jack up a quantity of electricity subsidies.

FUEL and Gas Division Head of PT PLN (Persero), Suryadi Mardjoeki, said that the changes will have an impact on increasing ICP costs the company's primary energy needs because the price of fuel (BBM) gas and crude oil prices following Indonesia.

"Gas prices are going up because the formula price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is tied to the price of oil," he said in Jakarta on Sunday (5/5/2013).

He explained, the total cost for electricity supply this year targeted reach Rp212,07 trillion, of which 70 per cent is allocated for fuel costs for generating electricity. "This means that the fuel costs reached about Rp148,5 trillion," he said.

Further Suryadi said, FUEL consumption this year is targeted to reach 6.49 million tonnes (kl) and gas amounted to 392 British thermal unit tera (TBTU) or equivalent of 392 million MMBTU.

Assuming fuel prices of $ 8,500 per liter, then the cost of FUEL reached Rp55,25 trillion. As for the average price of gas reached USD8,9 per MMBTU, so the cost of gas reached USD3,5 billion or Rp33,1 trillion, with an exchange rate of Rp 9,500.

The phenomenon already he would convey to the Directorate General of Budget, Ministry of finance. "As for the amount of FUEL is not great even though they're expensive. But when gas prices go up constantly and the numbers are many, of course, will increase the subsidies, "he said.

Based on the data of the Ministry of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR), FUEL consumption in the primary energy mix PLN 9.7 percent of targeted, 22.12 percent gas, coal, hydro 56,66 percent 6.19 percent, 4.8 percent and geothermal bio diesel and new renewable energy 0,52 per cent.

Related to this, the Director General of oil and Gas and MINERAL RESOURCES said that currently the Government still sees the development of the situation in the crude oil price in the world such as Europe, America, and Asia. In addition, it will also be discussed in advance with the financial Kementeriaan.

"To be sure, while asking LAWMAKERS to RAPBN-P is over all," he said.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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