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Kadin imbau all sides carefully

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The revised outlook Indonesia S&P Ameidyo David

Kadin imbau semua pihak hati-hati

Sindonews.com -Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce and industry (Kadin) Indonesia, Bambang Suryo Sulisto appealed all parties to be cautious and keep keep keep conducive business climate. This is related to the revised outlook Indonesia be stable from the previous positive by S&P.

"It (revision S&P) kan revision down instead of up. Although still quite good. It is a signal that we should be careful, don't be too pede (confident), and feel everything is OK. So we have to be sure to keep the business climate remains conducive, "he said via a short message to Sindonews, Jakarta, Saturday (4/5/2013).

He asked that the Government solve economic problems and manage so as not to impact the weak flow of investment due to the revision.

"The labor Problem, fuel oil (FUEL), and the impression that our policy is likely to be well managed protectionist," he said.

"The point we must keep do not impact on the current weakening of investment in. .. The trade balance also if can remain positive, "said Suryo.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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