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Banking should do innovation and efficiency

Finance Info-circle of banking innovation of its products follow demands market conditions. Banks also would have to do in order to generate performance efficiency.

Entering the free market of ASEAN by 2015, competition will be more intense because it will be a lot of foreign bank entry. Lecturer Economics STIE scandal Perbanas Surabaya, Muazaroh says, innovation of product absolutely do. Society is getting cleverer in
Master of science and technology.

So banking should also be ready to face this situation by setting up a digital versatile disk, however simple, accessible customer. "Examples of easy Bank ATM. no ATM consumer will be left," he said in Yogyakarta, Friday (30/4/2013).

In addition to innovation, banking should also be efficiency in a variety of ways. Efficiency is one of the indicators to see the performance of banking. This efficiency can be produced from the meminimkan input, but produce maximum output.

"Many ways to perform efficiency, can with technological innovations to optimize existing resources," he said.

Bank BPD DIY, Supriyatno as saying, it continues to perform efficiency in carrying out the activities of the company. All commitment to pressing charges that show up and add the resulting productivity.

"Efficiency is the absolute requirement to win the competition the banking industry," he said.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: Banking should do innovation and efficiency
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