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Pefindo decide Grade A for Bank of Lampung

Finance Info -PT Rating Securities Indonesia (Pefindo) reaffirmed the rating of idA-to PT Bank Lampung and the company's Bond III/2012 at Rp500 billion worth, with the prospect of ratings is stable.

Analyst PT Pefindo, the Titan of R Sjofjan says, the rankings reflect a captive market share a strong, good asset quality and capitalization indicator of a good company.

"However, the rankings are limited sources of funds are concentrated and the increasingly tight competition in the region," he said in his statement in Jakarta, Thursday (2/5/2013).

Bank Lampung ergerak in commercial banking with idang most services geared to local governments Lapmpung and its employees. As of the end of last year, as the company's owned 43,02 percent stake of local Government much as, Lampung 55,21 percent by the Government of The city of Lampung and 1,77 per cent by cooperatives.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: Pefindo decide Grade A for Bank of Lampung
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