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The Government is optimistic the debt rating of INDONESIA can be fixed


Pemerintah optimis rating utang RI bisa diperbaiki -the Government is optimistic the prospects of Indonesia's debt rating drop from rating agency Standard Poor's (S&P) & from positive to stable votes can still be fixed, one of them with healthy fiscal Indonesia.

As coordinating Minister for the economy delivered while Executing tasks (Plt) Finance Minister, Hatta Radjasa has been elected as quoted from the official website of the Ministry of finance, Thursday (4/5/2013).

According to him, it happened because of the Government's policy in S&P highlighted the problems of fuel oil (FUEL) and budget deficits as well as subsidized trade.

Therefore, the Government has a duty to seek the Bank's fiscal. "It (the decline) rather reserved policy of subsidies, because we've got a four-year roadmap to reduce subsidies. We're talking about it, "he said.

For information, S&P revised the Outlook for Indonesia's debt to stable from positive. S&P stated that the position of the rating is supported by strong economic growth in the past decade, prudent fiscal management, and low government debt burden.

However, the S&P rate improvement momentum for too long, while the potential for an increase in rating has been reduced.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: The Government is optimistic the debt rating of INDONESIA can be fixed
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