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No reason this version of OSO berhentikan SBS

Muhammad Faizin Adi Solanki

Ini alasan Kadin versi OSO berhentikan SBS

Sindonews.com -Board of Chambers of Commerce and industry (Kadin) version of the Extraordinary National Congress (Munaslub) mentions that Munaslub at the end of April and then held for not running the ruling Congress 2010 and Rapimnas.

They claim that the Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Bambang Suryo Sulistio (SBS) have been given the opportunity for clarification.

"If the SBS and would not want Munaslub, it should be since the warning I and II by the Commerce and business organizations-cutting at the end of 2012 early 2013, and should be addressed and followed up with a formal response. It turns out that opportunities are not being used, "said Council Chairman Munaslub Pontianak, Nur Achmad Effendy in a news conference in Jakarta, Thursday (5/5/2013).

Judge Achmad, SBS is not communicative against administrators and Commerce areas. "The main Mistake until Munaslub finally held is because Mr. SBS as the Chairman did not make persuasive communication with Provincial Kadin and outstanding member of Kadin Indonesia. He even threatened and fired the Board of Commerce of the province, something that never happened in the history of 45 years and commerce in Indonesia, "said Achmad.

While the results Munaslub in Pontianak on 25-27 April 2013, of whom dismiss SBS as Chairman of Kadin Indonesia.

The Government through the Minister of industry MS Hidayat had previously stated, rejected and confirms the Kadin Munaslub not political institutions. In addition, the majority of instruments of Commerce supports the Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Bambang Suryo Sulistio.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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