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Prices of fruit in the market has not been affected FUEL issues Jatinegara

Muhammad Faizin Adi Solanki

Harga buah di pasar Jatinegara belum terpengaruh isu BBM

Sindonews.com -fruit Prices in Jatinegara market hasn't affected plans price hike of fuel oil (FUEL). Prices of fruit in the market that it has decreased compared to the previous week.

One of the fruit trade in Jatinegara, Jumali (45) says that the price of fruits in General on this weekend declined compared to the previous week. "The price of the fruit down. The issue of fuel price hikes has not effect on the price of fruits at the moment, "he said when encountered Sindonews, Sunday (5/5/2013).

According to him, the fall in the price of fruits due to the number of requests and the availability of the fruit opposite. Currently, the abundance of the supply is not offset by the number of requests, where demand actually decline.

While the supply of the fruit that comes from Holding Market Kramat Jati, East Jakarta has always been smooth. "The supply of the fruit so far," he imbuh.

Jumali lays out, the price of mangoes this week dropped to parlay the thousand per kilogram (kg) from the previous weekend of Rp20 thousand to 30 thousand per kg. The price of oranges China about Parlay thousand per kg. But the supply of oranges China at the weekend were empty.

While leatherback Rp30 thousand price per kg. While the price of grapes also do not experience many changes compared to the previous week, which dibanderol Rp75 thousand at the price per kg.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: Prices of fruit in the market has not been affected FUEL issues Jatinegara
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