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Puskopanti increase credit distribution

Finance Info -Puskopanto through Cooperative BPR is constantly working to improve the distribution of credit to its members.

Chairman Puskopanti Jabar, Andra Ludin said, this year it is targeting to supply credit worth Rp50 billion. The credit will be focused on members who have a tenant in Bandung, East Plaza (BTP).

Last year, continued he, Puskopanti managed to disburse loans worth Rp30 billion. The loan ceiling to $ million/debtor. That number will continue to increase in the following years. "In addition, we also supply business credit (KUR).

"Until this month, KUR our successful channel reach Rp25 billion. Until the end of the year, we hope to be translucent Rp50 billion, "he said.

According to him, the various financing given Puskopanti is given with a mild interest in banking interest rates. For the credit sector rill, pegged interest rates of about 3 percent. The scheme, in an effort to prosper members.

This year, said Andra, Puskopanti only records a profit of about Rp80 billion. "This is a cooperative agency rather than profit. Orientation, not a profit of-besaranya. But prosper members, "imbuh him.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf says, Puskopanti contribute greatly to the development of SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES in the region. Currently, members of Puskopanti over 40 thousand people working on a variety of business sectors. Puskopanti, including the successful street vendors have a store at the Mall.

"I hope, performance can be followed Puskopanti other cooperatives in the Province. Let alone in the middle of a cooperative that is not active in West Java, "said Dede.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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