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MNC Securities can support OJK

Finance Info -PT MNC Securities has won support from the financial services authority (OJK) to increase the number of domestic investors. MNC Group plan is supported by OJK proposed the name movement of ' Love ' for the sake of Indonesia's securities increase confidence in local securities.

Director of operations and Finance of PT MNC Securities, Susy Meilina says, the company currently occupies four poisisi of local securities. With the support of MNC Group, then this year's MNC Securities target becomes the best securities and increasing the number of domestic investors.

At least, there are three main competitors in the securities, i.e. Securities, Bahana Securities, self-contained, and Indo Premier securities. While the best securities in the order, the company had already reached 15 of 121 broker.

"We want to increase the role of local securities and increase the number of investors in the country. At this time it is important to improve the position in order that believed the investors, "he said during a hearing at the Office in Jakarta Thursday OJK (2/5/2013).

In that occasion, Susy said, it plans to employ ten other local securities in movement. MNC Group support is very strategic because it has the power of big media.

This is evidenced by the presence of three Chief Editor of Newspaper Legal and Sindo, MNC Business ready to support. The plan is expected to bring more people to believe in local and trade securities in the domestic market.

In fact, today there are still many open accounts presumptions in foreign securities and trade abroad more prestigious. However, this is precisely the moment foreigners began flocking into the capital market Indonesia. "Local investors are still less than one percent. So foreign investors easily dictate, "said Susy.

In response to the plan, Board Member, Nurhaida OJK Commissioner stated strongly support. In fact, she asked for details of the plan and invited MNC Securities to meet Indonesia stock exchange (BEI) and with other local securities.

These plans according to the needs of domestic capital markets that are growing rapidly. The increase must be accompanied by the strength of domestic investors, foreign capital flows to mengatisipasi if it reverses direction.

"Local investors should be strong so that major correction doesn't happen if foreign investors reversed course. We want equal growth among local and foreign securities, "said Nurhaida.

He admitted the current securities still focus on Java while great potential exists outside of Java. Obstacles faced were langkanya licensed personnel outside of Java. It requires the assistance of a security to work closely with graduate campuses in the area as supporters.

So, go Nurhaida they find it easier to understand the character of the investors in the area. It also reveals the challenges currently how investors continue to improve. But on the other hand also maintain the security of the capital market in the country.

This makes OJK ready support as a facilitator to other bodies to promote the movement. "We must be ready to support as a facilitator but on the other side must also maintain investor confidence in the capital markets in the country," pungkasnya.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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