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May Day demos, Muhaimin appreciation of labour

Finance Info -the Minister of manpower and transmigration (Menakertrans), Muhaimin Iskandar convey appreciation and the appreciation of the workers and trade unions action May Day demos held safe and orderly.

"On behalf of the Government, we convey the appreciation and the appreciation of workers ' demonstrations today running a safe, orderly, and peaceful," he said in affidavits to Sindonews, Wednesday (1/5/2013).

Although still tinged rallies and demonstrations in various areas, but overall, the May Day celebrations take place in a conducive environment are assessed. Although tinged variety of dynamics of workers/labourers in conveying the aspirations.

He hopes all parties can sit together and dialogue to seek the best solution in solving some problems in the field of employment in Indonesia.

"The Government does not stay silent in response to the aspirations of the various demands of the workers/labourers. We continue to strive to find solutions that benefit all parties either employers or workers. All aspects of employment we solve a gradual and sustainable both in terms of regulation and supervision of the pelaksanaanya, "he explained.

Muhaimin said, during a Government attempt to accommodate the demands of workers/labourers, including feedback from the employers. In this regard, on the one hand the Government continues to encourage the corporate world/national industry can continue to grow and on the other workers/labourers could prosper and avoid layoffs.

Ministers of origins of the National Awakening Party (PKB) said, the workers were able to use the Institutions of cooperation (LKS) National Tripartite between workers, employers and Government to dialogue-related wage increases, outsourcing, social security and more.

"The process of dialogue between unions, the Government and entrepreneurs in the Tripartite National forum. The most important thing is preventing and avoiding LAYOFFS of workers/labour-related increase in the UMP, "said Menakertrans.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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