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Hatta: Indonesia need a oil refinery

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Hatta: Indonesia butuh kilang minyak

Finance Info -Economy Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa, said, building an oil refinery is panting. Although relatively expensive, but it is to reduce FUEL imports that already too much.

"It is clear that not only build a refinery we see from the economic side because if the economy we can get stuck that imports are cheaper. Wrong to think like that, "he said in Jakarta, Thursday (29/4/2013).

According to Hatta, the country needs to supply security and build a refinery would mean strategically in reducing import tax, although large refineries.

"One time we could have had the money but goods baseball there. Therefore build a refinery had its own strategic sense for us. The tax is likely to be a shock, but we are a little inflated, PNBP "he said.

To achieve this, it will give you an incentive. But on the other hand government spending which is exactly not binding of Rp30 billion will be reduced.

"We see according to keekonomiannya later, the bottom line we give incentives. But on the other hand, this is where the importance of making savings on shopping, but not capital spending, but the shopping-Shopping that really are not binding. For example, Home Office and Office wake up it could be postponed. Including a trip too. Target pemotongannya about Rp30 billion, "Frank Hatta.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Title Post: Hatta: Indonesia need a oil refinery
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