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Toyota Etios Valco haul official in Surabaya

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Toyota Etios Valco resmi mengaspal di Surabaya

Sindonews.com -PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) launched the latest variant of the car in city car class, Toyota Etios Valco. The car is believed to be rival the Honda Brio, Nissan March, Mistubihi Mirage, and the KIA Picanto. Now, the tiny car was passing in Surabaya.

"Toyota Etios Valco is indeed under the Yaris. A variant of this is to fill in the low end market, "said Marketing Director of PT TAM, Joko Trisanyoto when launching Toyota Etios Valco in Surabaya, Thursday (21/3/2013).

He explains, this Valco first Etios was born in India. However, when in Indonesia this variant adapted to the character of the community as well as medan in Indonesia. There are some good interior pebenahan or ekstrior on the car planted with 1,197 cc engine.

As in the car seat position that is adapted to the Indonesia people's posture. Then the ground clear (the distance to the ground machine) that is designed quite high for city car class. "For this ground Valco Etios clear him about 170 centi meters. So when passing in the rocky terrain or flood waters remain safe, "he said.

According to him, Toyota Etios Valco is a product of Toyota Indonesia and the work of the nation's children for the Indonesia market. Currently, local content on Toyota Etiso Valco reached 50 percent and in the next year reached 80 percent. It follows the launch of the Toyota factory already new in Indonesia.

Toyota Etios Valco perform in Indonesia with three types. For the type of Etios 1.2 J M/T Rp140,2 million, Etios dibanderol 1.2 E M/T Rp154,6 million and Etios dibanderol 1.2 G M/T dibanderol Rp166,3 million.

In the past few years the city car segment showed a fairly high growth. In 2009, the total market in this segment reached 42.866 units and total market reach 2012 118.244 units or increased 175,84 percent over the next three years.

"The market in this segment still promising despite arguably the launch unit for low end class for Toyota than the most recent other ATPM," Joko shot.


Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

Finance; Investment; Business; Economics

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